Parachute 2 Club 1941-45

Founded in 1969 exclusively for those who had served in or with 2 PARA from 1941 to 1945, to foster the bonds of comradeship and friendship and maintain links with the serving personnel in 2 PARA. 

 2 PARA Association

Founded on 1st July 1998 by popular request and was to include 2 PARA from the Cyprus/Suez operations and for those who had served in 2 PARA from 1945 until the present day. This association expected to takeover from the Parachute 2 Club 1941-45.

Parachute 2 Club

The Parachute 2 Club was re-formed on 14th May 1999 by a unanimous vote at the Annual General Meeting at Stoke Rochford Hall. The Club was to encompass all who served in 2 PARA past and present and it was to maintain links with those currently serving with 2 PARA. The Club would also embrace those miscellaneous 2 PARA reunion groups that had also been formed.

Stoke Rochford Hall

2 PARA was based in the Hall and the surrounding area on return from Italy in December 1943 until departure for Arnhem in September 1944. The remnants of the battalion returned there at the end of the battle.