John Frost's Hunting Horn 

Whilst serving as a seconded captain in Habbaniyah, Iraq, in 1940, John Frost was presented with a copper hunting horn with a silver mouthpiece by the members of the Royal Exodus Hunt prior to leaving to re-join the his regiment, The Cameronians.

John Frost volunteered for parachute training and led C Company, 2 PARA, during the Bruneval Raid 27/28th February 1942. In late 1942 and by now Commanding Officer 2 PARA he took part in the fighting in North Africa. On landing at Oudna Frost used his horn to rally his men and he did the same during the Battle of Arnhem. When he was taken prisoner at Arnhem Bridge the horn was lost.

In July 1945 Mr E R Oosterwijk discovered the horn amongst some rubble when carrying out some clearance work. He took the horn home, cleaned it and in September 1997 presented the horn to the Hartenstein Museum where it was exhibited.

The horn was stolen during the night of 13th/14th August 1998 from the Hartenstein Airborne Museum and remained lost for over 2 years. Eventually an inhabitant of Arnhem found it and it was returned in May 2001.

The Horn in our Club Logo was designed by the Founder Members in 1968 when all the members were men who had served in the battalion from 1941-1945, from Bruneval to Arnhem.

When in 1999 the Club was re-formed and amalgamated with the 2 PARA Association elements from both Club logos were used in the design of the current logo.